SAYING QUIETLY GOODBYE FOREVER | { Walking away of you. }

by - Saturday, August 05, 2017

Ihr Lieben, eigentlich bin ich noch immer in meiner kleinen und doch längeren Blog-Pause. Allerdings sehne ich mich inzwischen so sehr nach dem Bloggen und euch, dass ich beschlossen habe, mich mit dieser Story hier kurz aus der Blogpause zu melden. Ich bin bald zurück, versprochen. Doch diese Story jetzt zu veröffentlichen fühlt sich irgendwie richtig an. Es ist das endgültige Ende einer Goodbye-Story, von der ich euch hier unter meiner Rubrik "Journal" schon oft berichtet habe. Diesmal ist mein Beitrag in Englisch geschrieben, da ich irgendwie das Gefühl hatte auf diesem Weg meine Emotionen und Gedanken besser ausdrücken zu können.

Bis bald ♥


I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away of things not ment for me.

Zina Harrington

It was one of those days, when I felt strange somehow. I knew that there would be meaning within it. Later on I realized that it was your birthday. It was the first one, that I did not congratulate you, even when I thought of you that day.

And somehow I felt, that something else happened.

And it did.

You belong to someone now and someone belongs to you. I knew it. But now it is official. I am happy for both of you, I am happy that you found what you searched for such a long time.

But ... Actually I felt very sad this day. I realized that you are only a memory now. And I realized that I might not even be one for you. Most of all I realized that I need to let you go, being a memory. I might never contact you again, because it still hurts somehow. I am not bitter or something. I am happy that you are happy. But saying quietly goodbye forever is my way of remembering you and caring for myself at the same time.

And suddenly at the same moment my love for you is gone. I realized that it is a beautiful memory I hold on to. However, in my memory one part of me might always be in love with you.

You and those moments we shared together are still one of those, which I always gonna remember and keep close to myself in my heart. But I am fine with the things ending as they end now. Everyone of us took his own path. Today I am not the same person as I used to be in 2014. And my future plans are not the same anymore. My plans take me even more away of you. That is why I thank god, that he sent you someone you love and who can be close to you, giving you all what I never could. May your love be magical, precious and filled with light.


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